The Transmission

Today, Jerry & Elena DAVID are passing on their knowledge to their son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan & Marie-Amélie, to ensure continuity. Together they want to continue the evolution of the property by adapting to new techniques while respecting our environment.

Together they wish to guarantee their consumers a quality wine that respects biodiversity, the environment and above all our future.

The Winyard

This winyard has belonged to the David family for several generations and it is Jerry David who takes care of the production of these 40 hectares of vines of which 20 ha are planted in Sauternes and 20 ha in red and white Graves. 

A Little History

During a very long period, in the Middle Ages, the Provost of Barsac extended its limits up to the sea, including the country of Buch. In the 17th century, it still covered almost exactly the area of the current “Barsac-Sauternes” appellation.

In 1708, the provost’s territory was reduced to its chief town, Barsac, to which was reserved the right of high justice on the 5 neighboring parishes: Bommes, Preignac, Sauternes, Pujols and Seron (Cérons). In 1714, these justiciables asked Louis XIV to be reintegrated into the Provostry proper, but the King would not listen. Since they could not place themselves directly under the light of the Sun King, the winegrowers of the 5 parishes made the sun into a King and kept him forever a prisoner in the bunches of vines.

This is how the most famous white wine in the world was born in and around Barsac.